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Grenade Grafix - Installations is where we blow all competition out of the water! 

Grenade Grafix have a fantastic reputation across the industry for all elements of what we do but our 
Installation Crew leave the competition standing on so many levels. 
The talent, experience and skill go without saying, but the commitment to Health and Safety by ever single member of our team is imperative and essential. Working at height, for example, is extremely dangerous work and at Grenade the Installation Crew are deeply knowledgeable and compliant when it comes to Health and Safety laws and procedures. 

Meeting Business Critical Deadlines Safely. 

When our teams are working around the clock with business critical deadlines they have and aura about them that gives you the confidence to see that they job will be done, perfectly and without the need to cut corners that could potentially incur risk. 
Our team are as confident as they are knowledgeable. Clients are often surprised with their innovative approaches to problems arising on site. Whether it’s impromptu carpentry skills, spotting an old schooler handcutting vinyl to overcome a potential last minute disaster or just the gentlemanly manners that are not always expected from an Installation team on a very tight schedule. 

Perfection and Pride in all our work. 

The Financial Director of a global client described one team as “The type of gentlemen you would be proud to take home to meet your grandmother!” So you can rest assured their manners and personal presentation are up there with their top level skills, something we take great pride in. 
Having worked on smaller local project or international projects where the eyes of the world are on the final product our team are not phased. 
They will always strive for perfection on site and do whatever it takes to ensure everyone is delighted with the end result. 
Grenade Grafix always go that extra mile to make the job look fantastic! 

Specialist in working at height 

Grenade Grafix are specialist’s at working on installations at height. 
We have or order in the correct tools & lifting gear required for the job. 
£10,000000 Public Liability Insurance. 
All of the correct Installation Qualifications. 
RAMS Produced for every Install. 

Fields of work:  

Public Houses 
Shopping Malls 
Car Plants 
Car Showrooms 
Sporting Events 
Sport Centres 
Football Stadiums 
Rugby Stadiums 
Construction Sites 
Exhibition Halls 
Conference Halls 
Selected Events 
Pick the phone up today and give us a call to discuss your ideas and requirements, we’re always here to help: 07738 150891 
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